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Want to set your local edition? Select an edition for focused news coverage when you visit At St. Paul’s Episcopal School, educators introduce virtual learning options to their very youngest students. Kindergartners are using iPads to enhance reading and math skills, along with basic lessons with paper and pencil. Video taken Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, in Mobile, Ala.MOBILE, Alabama Ideas for digital learning are expanding daily in Mobile and Baldwin County schools, where teachers are integrating digital devices to the very youngest children.
By the end of January, the Baldwin County school system assigned digital devices to all students in lower grades, right down to kindergarten, said schools spokesman Terry Wilhite.
Children in grades K5-3 received iPads; grades 4-12 received MacBook Airs. Students in grades 3 or younger are not allowed to take the devices home, as the older children do.
What does digital learning look like in a kindergarten classroom? At St. Paul s Episcopal School in Mobile, it means learning to share, for starters.
The school has iPads in the literacy center, library and science labs used by the pre-K through second grades, and those students may also use the two iPads assigned to every classroom.
In the lower school library, used by pre-K through second grades, there are six iPads available. When the kids aren t checking out books, they use the iPads,cheap ghd uk, said Kim McDonald, librarian.
I have found that with using the iPads, they learn sharing at this level more than anything, she said. Especially pre-K and kindergarten; it s so much more about them learning that skill of sharing because they have to take turns with them. It s a great way to discuss sharing, and we do character lessons in the library.
The classroom iPads are used for lessons in science, speech and reading,ghd straighteners, and the devices also enable the students to interact with the Epsom projectors at the front of each room, the next iteration of Smartboards. The teachers also have the ability to hook the iPad up to the Epson projector.
In Sarah Gross s kindergarten class, a recent lesson on the popular children s book Brown Bear culminated in a video, starring each student.
Each child took a turn with an iPad,ghd uk, selecting characters and reciting lines from the book. At the end of the lesson, they watched their video on the big screen. The entire lesson, from start to finish, took less than 20 minutes.
Technology is not replacing basic learning, Gross said. It s only enhancing our classroom. I like to integrate my lessons with technology. They re still using manipulatives, so we try and use both.
The technology keeps the kids attentive and on good behavior, she said. They want to be engaged and challenged. It s a great behavior management tool they re so excited to use the technology.
Digital learning can also help highlight students strengths and weaknesses, said Kelli Etheredge, the school s teaching and learning resources director. We don t all learn the same, she pointed out. A worksheet only meets the needs of a certain child; for the others, it s too easy. But the technology lets us take it to another level. The kids who aren t challenged can take what they are learning and do it in a different way.
The result, she said, is more academic achievement and fewer students left behind. They feel more successful. They re more excited about coming to school.
St. Paul s added the iPads to its lower grades two years ago, said Etheredge, who has two children at the school. As a result, my third-grader is fearless, she said. Watching him find an answer to a problem is astonishing. He just looks it up; he knows where to find the answers to the questions that he has.

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Some of us are hiding behind comfort, lack of self-confidence and fear. In essence, greatness and success greets us daily. We see it, but ignore it. Life is limited with time. If you don’t make a move,ghd curls, you will never know the results of who or what you can become. Listed below are 5 facts to clarify the notion that you are missing your calling. Let me know if you fall into any of those categories.
1. You always find a better way to do things. No one does it like you. The best effort can seem like the worst until you get your hands on it. When you touch it, it turns platinum. Everyone knows it,cheap ghd uk, except you.
2. You don’t mind helping others. A helper is filled with patience, guidance and lack of self. Giving to others is what makes you feel successful. You find ways to help people no matter your sacrifices. It’s in your DNA and you don’t feel complete unless you have helped somebody.
3. You are always the last one to leave. If it’s not done to your specifications,ghd uk, you are going to make certain it is. Even if it means burning more oil than you entered the door with. Why? You don’t like nothing attached to your name if it’s not right. Perfection is your last name.
4. People come to you for advice, issues and complaints.. Where is the supervisor you might ask? Know one cares because they feel comfortable with your answer and your leadership. You make it just right with no stress, hassle or confusion.
5. Upper management never bothers you, nor do they have an issue with how you do things. Others may get slapped on the hand or even reprimanded for a small mistake, but you can do it and nothing happens. Why? They trust that you will not do anything to jeopardize the company. They trust you and appreciate what you are to the company. Even if know one has ever said it.
Check out my new book, The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success. Your success depends on you!! Click here for availability.

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The owner of a Bangladesh garment factory where more than 100 workers died in a fire is not liable for the disaster, and other workers could lose their jobs if he is convicted, his attorney said Monday.
Delwar Hossain, managing director of Tazreen Fashions Ltd., and his wife surrendered to authorities Sunday after being charged with culpable homicide in December. The case is the first of its kind against an owner in Bangladesh’s powerful garment industry, which has a huge influence in the country’s affairs from politics to sports.
The Tazreen factory, located outside the capital, Dhaka, produced clothing for major retailers including Wal-Mart. Investigators say it had no emergency exits and workers found the gates locked from the outside.
Defense lawyer A,ghd straightener.T.M. Gous said in court Monday that his client made every arrangement to keep the factory safe. He also said Hossain continues to employ workers at other factories.
“If he is in jail, hundreds of workers will be jobless if those are not run properly,” Gous said. “He has done everything despite this disaster to stand by the families of the victims. He has given compensation to the victims. He is also sick and needs family care to stay well.”
Hossain was denied bail.
His wife,ghd straighteners, Mahmuda Akter, is the chairman of Tazreen Fashions Ltd. She also surrendered to authorities, but a court Monday allowed her to be freed for one month, as long as she follows conditions and cooperates with the court and investigators.
Prosecutors say the couple is responsible for the workers,cheap ghd uk.
“They built the factory building violating building codes. They did not take adequate measures to keep it safe for working,” prosecutor Khandaker Abdul Mannan said.
The November 2012 fire is one of several deadly disasters that have exposed harsh and unsafe working conditions in Bangladesh’s garment industry. In April, a factory collapse killed more than 1,100 workers, triggering outcries at home and abroad.
Police filed homicide charges in December against 13 people, including Hossain and Akter, in connection with the fire. Police filed arrest warrants for six people they said fled.
Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest garment producing country after China, earns more than $20 billion a year from garment exports, mainly to the United States and Europe.
Culpable homicide is a less serious charge than murder, but prosecutors say a conviction could still bring a life sentence.

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Despite the cold weather, we still have an ardent desire for the spring and are openly welcoming of the spring trends that are steadily already rolling in.

More PhotosView all 8 photos
  • For spring approved footwear,ghd hair dryer, wooden heels are among the top trends. The plain, neutral and sharp handy work of wooden heels gives it an earthy edge with the convenience of a clean slate– making the wooden heel a great way to play it safe when experimenting with bold color.
    Can’t figure out which shoes go with that neon dress? opt for wooden heels with a nude base. Here are a few wooden heels that alert spring fever…
    1. Guess ‘Lamber’ Lucite Chunky Heels $110
    2. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Abdul’ Sandal $135
    3. Dries Van Noten Cowrie Shell and Wooden Platform Heel $1,150
    4. Paul Smith Sandals $425
    5. Diane Von Furstenberg ‘Roxana’ Heels $171
    6. Elizabeth and James ‘Emily’ Heels $105 6pm. com
    7,cheap ghd uk. Vince ‘Addie’ Sandal $395
    8,ghd uk. TIBI ‘ Anouk’ Heel $395

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    Want to set your local edition? Select an edition for focused news coverage when you visit at St. Paul’s Episcopal School use touchpads for learning, but when they get older, they’ll take a keyboard class. (Press-Register)Are we raising a generation of computer users who will end up with back and neck problems?
    Parents of children who use a digital device daily, particularly an input device as opposed to an e-reader, should start teaching their kids early on about proper posture, said Jo Richards, an ergonomics consultant with ArgoNot Ergonomics.
    Two things she recommends:
    1. Avoid wrist strain. Until they take a keyboarding class, children tend to type or, hunt and peck with their index fingers, Richards said. Also,ghd outlet, older children tend to put their thumbs to strenuous use when sending texts or instant messages on their smartphones.
    Children should be taught to keep their wrists in a line when using a keypad, Richards said, and whenever possible, all computer users should use a mouse. They should also learn to use both index fingers on touch pads to avoid causing strain on the tendons, she said.
    The mouse is shaped like your hand in a natural curve; most people hold it incorrectly, she said. The mouse is the same curve as a resting hand, and is supposed to be cupped in the resting hand, which raises the wrist off of the table.
    2. Don t be a slouch. Whether in the classroom or at home, it s important that children learn how to sit in proper alignment at a computer, Richards said. In many computer labs, the chairs can t be adjusted, which could lead to neck or back strain for the student. Also, computer labs should have some child-size chairs and tables on hand for the youngest,ghd uk, smallest students.
    Sitting in proper alignment doesn t mean sitting up rigidly, she said. It means using a chair in which you can sit comfortably, with your feet on the floor and with the computer screen at eye level. If a child is too small for the chair, he may need to use a footstool or even a stack of books to prop up his feet at a 90-degree angle.
    Does your child tend to hunch over his digital device? If so,ghd straightener, try to get him into a position in which he is tilting his neck, instead of hunching his body, Richards said. She tells her clients to keep a three-ring binder handy, to use as an easy way to elevate a laptop to an easier reading level.
    It s OK for a child to stretch out on the couch with his e-reader for awhile. But for lengthy projects that involve a lot of typing, You always want to have back support, whether it is supported by the couch, bed or chair, Richards said.

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    When the fervor flags for the protesters in Ukraine’s capital and they want to get away from the barricades, many head to an improvised library in one of the buildings seized by demonstrators.
    Shelves with a couple thousand books have been crammed into a hallway of Ukrainian House, an exhibition center and former Lenin museum that protesters took over two weeks ago after attacking it with rocks and firebombs to drive out police who were sheltering there.
    It’s hardly a model of finicky propriety _ no one hushes the patrons, tough young men holding clubs confront unfamiliar people _ but for those who come to read, it’s an oasis for the intellect and a break from the tensions of the Maidan,ghd hair straighteners, the downtown square that is the center of protests now in their third month.
    “It’s very important for the Maidan because it’s cool, it’s not extremist,cheap ghd uk, not radical _ it’s study: painting, art, different projects,” said Eugeniy Fedirets, a young IT specialist who was pawing through a box of newly donated books.
    He was picking out some books on Ukrainian history,ghd hair dryer, which one of the library’s organizers, Andzhelika Zozula, said has been the most popular topic among the 200-500 people who visit every day.
    The library is an element of the extensive community that has grown up around the protests, including field kitchens, first aid stations and clothes distribution booths. Zozula said the library’s lending policies are in line with that communitarian spirit, trusting patrons to sign their correct names and rewarding the return of books with a piece of candy.
    “Libraries in Ukraine usually are very poor,” said volunteer Lilija Shmyhelska. “When we have the opportunity to bring it all together, to create it, we do it and we do it better than the government.”

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    European foreign ministers on Monday sought ways to foster a solution to the crisis engulfing Ukraine, saying nearly three months of protests show the need for the government to reach a political compromise with the opposition.
    Talks so far in Ukraine have yet to yield progress and despite President Viktor Yanukovych’s strategy of trying to buy time, he can’t avoid discussing reforming the country’s constitution, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter-Steinmeier said.
    “The people in Ukraine won’t accept bad compromises,” he said, referring to the anti-government demonstrations that drew tens of thousands into the streets of Kiev again over the weekend.
    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton was to brief the 28 foreign ministers at their meeting in Brussels about her two days of talks with the Ukrainian leadership and the opposition last week,ghd iv styler.
    Ukraine has been rocked by nearly three months of anti-government protests sparked by Yanukovych’s refusal to sign an agreement with the EU and accept a $15 billion loan package from Russia instead. The political deadlock is also pushing Ukraine’s economy closer to the brink, and its currency and foreign reserves are tumbling.
    Separately, the foreign ministers decided to start negotiations with Cuba to upgrade the EU’s ties with the Caribbean island nation. The EU’s foreign policy chief, however, cautioned that progress will depend on Cuba’s determination to implement further reforms toward opening its economy and respecting fundamental rights.
    The EU resumed low-level contacts with Cuba in 2008,cheap ghd uk, two years after Raul Castro became president and started granting Cubans some more freedom.
    While Washington’s relations with Cuba are defined by the 52-year-old trade embargo,ghd straightener, European nations have long traded with Cuba and thousands of Europeans flock to the island’s beaches every year.

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    The city of Prague is being besieged once again by hordes of drunk Danish teenagers. Last year s winter holidays saw 30 Danish youngsters admitted to local hospitals for alcohol poisoning and stabbings and other violent injuries. Six were arrested for attacks on other youngsters or the Czech police.
    Christian Hoppe, the Danish ambassador to the Czech Republic, called the behaviour of Danish youth last year reprehensible and hoped that everyone involved will think twice this year.
    This applies primarily to young people, but also their parents, who I hope have spoken to their children, Hoppe told DR Nyheder. The Czech police have certainly learned from the experience and will be more attentive and conducting more patrols this year.
    The Danish Embassy in the Czech Republic has estimated that 6,000-6,500 young Danes will be in Prague over the next two weeks. Although significantly less than last year s 10,000 revellers, the embassy has taken on an additional employee sent from the Danish Foreign Ministry to help keep an eye on the Danish youth.

    Danish police in PragueFour Danish cops will also be in Prague over the next two weeks. The so-called dialogue officers will assist Czech police during patrols and provide advice and guidance on how Danish police usually handle young people who have had too much to drink.
    They are not going to perform Czech police tasks, said Hoppe. They are there as advisors and to help handle troublemakers.
    Hoppe said that he does not expect a repeat of last year s turmoil.
    The new travel agency Prague Week is sending 3,000 of the teenagers to Prague during this year s winter holidays.
    Many of last year s problems happened at the hotels,ghd v, and this year both Czech and Danish police will be on site at the hotels, Prague Week press officer Erik Harvig told DR Nyheder.
    Harvig said that Prague Week had communicated to the youngsters that they must behave properly and that there could be consequences if they do not.
    We have also sent letters to the parents in which we pointed out the possible consequences of breaking the Czech laws,ghd iv styler, he said.
    Travel agency pitched boozefest to kidsMeanwhile another travel agency, Go Travel, has been reported to Forbrugerombudsmanden, the consumer ombudsman, for advertising that targets young people under the age of 18, which violates the Marketing Act.
    The company s Facebook page contained ads for pub crawls featuring open bars and happy hours at discos.
    Since children under 18 are also on the Prague trips, the company was in violation of the law.
    Following last year s massive media coverage of young people in Prague during the winter holidays, I found it necessary to monitor the way travel companies marketed to the very young this year, the ombudsman said in a statement.
    A lot easier in Prague Prague has become a favourite destination for young people in the country s upper-secondary schools, with entire classes taking the trip to the city famous for its discos and cheap alcohol. Travel agencies report that this year s trips are sold out
    Despite protests by the travel agencies to the contrary, at least one under-aged teenager had no problem admitting why she wanted to go to Prague.
    Laura Bahnsen Gothelf, a 17-year-old, told DR Nyheder that she would be hitting the town with friends all week long.
    You can get into all sorts of places, she said. In Denmark,ghd hair straighteners, you need a fake ID if you are under 18, so you are doing something illegal. It s a lot easier in Prague.

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    MIAMI (AP) — Addressing what he calls a growing opportunity gap between people with and without advanced educations,ghd sale, Sen. Marco Rubio is calling for state-accredited alternatives to four-year colleges and income-based repayments for college loans.
    The Florida senator and possible 2016 Republican presidential contender also says Congress should establish an independent accrediting agency to assess free courses offered over the Internet and elsewhere as transferrable credits,ghd straightener.
    Those with the right advanced education are making more than ever. But those that do not are falling farther and farther behind, Rubio said in remarks prepared for an education forum Monday at Miami Dade College. The result is a growing opportunity gap between haves and have-nots, those who have advanced education and those who do not.
    College students, he added, also should be offered cost-benefit analyses comparing how much they can expect to earn in a particular field to how much they will owe after earning a degree in the subject.
    You have this new economic era, where higher education of some form is really a requirement to make it to the middle class and stabilize yourself, Rubio said in an interview with The Associated Press before the conference sponsored by the National Journal. But we have an old and stagnant education formula that doesn t meet the demand that is being created.
    His education initiative comes as Republicans are aiming to offer an alternative to President Barack Obama s agenda and shed the baggage of Mitt Romney s 2012 presidential bid and Romney s suggestion that 47 percent of Americans view themselves as victims who won t take responsibility for themselves. Last month, Rubio proposed ideas for retooling federal anti-poverty programs, arguing that states could run them better.
    I want to add more options to the menu. And the more options we have, the more affordable it will be and the more people we re going to be able to empower, he told the AP.
    At the heart of Rubio s education plan is a proposal to offer alternatives to a four-year college degree by recognizing free online courses — evaluated and overseen by an independent accrediting board — that would be transferable to traditional schools and eligible for federal aid. Workers could also use their skills to earn certifications or degrees outside traditional institutions by passing new standardized tests.
    Americans, Rubio said, are being priced out of college educations.
    The price tag for tuition and fees at public four-year colleges is up 27 percent beyond overall inflation over the last five years, according to the latest figures from the College Board.
    The average annual cost for a full-time student at a four-year public college is now $18,390,ghd hair straighteners, including room, board and tuition. Subtract grants and tax benefits, and it drops to $12,620. At private four-year colleges, the average bill totals just more than $40,000 each year, with the average student paying $23,290.
    More than 70 percent of the national college class of 2012 had loan debt at graduation, and their debt averaged $29,400, according to the most recent figures from the California-based Institute for College Access and Success.
    Rubio, who often notes that he still owed more than $100,000 in student loans when he became a senator in 2011, is calling for student investment plans. Private investment firms would cover tuition costs that could be repaid later as a fixed percentage of a graduate s income for a set number of years, regardless of whether that amount covers the total debt.EducationFinancial AidMarco Rubio

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    WASHINGTON, D.C. – While they wring their hands over America’s student-loan crisis – a $1 trillion debt bubble resembling the 2008 mortgage meltdown – federal officials ought to look in the mirror. Washington started the mess.
    Sallie Mae, a government-sponsored enterprise turned “private,” exhibits a “pattern of breaking the rules and ignoring its contractual obligations,” charges Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
    All the while, Sallie has raked in record profits with Washington’s help, reported Monday.
    Years after Sallie went private and dominated the student-loan market, the federal government continues to grant the company favorable loan contracts worth hundreds of millions dollars.
    “These contracts are in addition to a number of indirect and direct benefits the government has already provided to Sallie Mae,” Warren says.
    A new report finds that the “private” Sallie Mae:Borrows billions of dollars at “astonishingly low interest rates” through the federally backed Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines.Reaped profits of $321 million in 2010 (the latest year available) by selling government-guaranteed loans to the federal government.Benefits from “an asset-backed commercial paper conduit facility” through which it borrowed billions at the rate of 0.82 percent.Nearly 39 million borrowers carry more than $1 trillion in federal student loan debt. About $120 million was delinquent in 2012 – a 30.5 percent increase from 2011.
    But Sallie,cheap ghd straighteners, who got her start as a government-sponsored enterprise like siblings Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is doing just fine.
    “Its profits – boosted by special deals and breaks from the federal government – go to its shareholders,” Warren says.
    There have been a few bumps along the way.
    In 2007, Sallie Mae paid a $2 million settlement to New York to resolve claims relating to improper marketing of student loans.
    In 2008, the Treasury Department found that Sallie’s debt-collection arm, Pioneer Credit Recovery Inc., violated its contractual obligations regarding recovery and disclosure.
    More recently, the Department of Education determined that Sallie Mae failed to report verbal complaints it received from student loan borrowers.
    Warren dismisses government sanctions as a “slap on the wrist” for a lending giant whose net income rose from $530 million in 2010 to $1.4 billion in 2013.
    “While the government has helped Sallie Mae maintain its profitability, it is not nearly as generous when it comes to student borrowers,” the Massachusetts senator noted.
    “Defaulted borrowers face onerous collection practices, without even the hope of discharging their student loan obligations through bankruptcy. Where is that kind of accountability for Sallie Mae?”
    At least part of the answer can be found on Capitol Hill, where Sallie spent $22.74 million lobbying federal officials from 2007-2013.
    Sallie Mae officials contend that the student-loan marketplace is healthy. It certainly is lucrative for them, with D.C. enablers keeping taxpayers on the hook.
    The Federal Family Education Loan Program ensures Sallie against financial losses due to loan defaults.
    With the frenzied trading of student-loan paper, Sallie Mae channels the quasi-government roles played by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in the real-estate boom and bust.
    “It is a climate that has empowered the lending industry to act aggressively at every turn, placing students at risk of paying inflated interest rates and fees on their federal loans and leaving taxpayers to pick up the tab for hundreds of millions of dollars in excessive subsidies,” according to an Education Sector report.
    “I always thought the strangest notion about Sallie was this idea that it was ‘private,’” says Bethany McLean, who co-authored “All The Devils Are Here” about the 2008 Wall Street crisis.
    “Sallie Mae was privatized, but the profits of student loans were still mostly guaranteed by the government. What kind of ‘private’ business is that?” she muses.
    Are student loans lurching toward a Wall Street-style debacle?
    Robert Merry, political editor of The National Interest,cheap ghd uk, a conservative publication, says Republicans needn’t take a backseat to Democrat Warren on free-market reform.
    “Republicans too often rail against big government but then give big government a pass when it aligns itself with big business,ghd straighteners,” Merry says. “The country is being strangled by bigness.”
    Merry predicts that “a reckoning is inevitable, but the two (political) parties resist it because they operate in a political culture created by all this bigness.
    “Meantime, ordinary Americans (including debt-laden students) are left feeling more and more like chumps.”
    Additional information can be found here.
    To automatically receive for FREE this writer’s articles as they are written/published, simply click the “Subscribe” icon atop this page; each of his published works will be sent directly to your email account.

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